Buren and selfies

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No hay mejor domingo que aquellos gastados en comer, relajarte e ir a buenas exhibiciones como la de Daniel Buren en el cabañas en Guadalajara.
Guillermo me diseñó tres playeras por nuestro aniversario, esta es la primera, dice ” Tremenda, Chula, Villana” cada palabra tiene su historia detrás.
Ya verán las otras 😀
bonito fin de semana personas!!

The best kind of Sunday is the one you just eat, relax and go to museums. Specially with great exhibitions like this one of Daniel Buren in Guadalajara. 
Guillermo designed me 3 t-shirts for our anniversary, this is the first one, it says “Tremenda, Chula, Villana” which means something like “Tremendous (more like mischievous),  something like cute and Villain”
Each word has it story behind. 
Can’t wait to show you the other designs too!

Have a great weekend

T-shirt: H&M but designed by Guillermo
Short: Zara
Tennis shoes: Pull & Bear
Purse: Michael Kors 
Scarf: Con B de vintage

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