4 Fun Separates To Spice Things Up

It’s easy to feel like your wardrobe has gotten stale. We all often run into the moment when we are standing in front of a closet full of clothes, yet sigh with discontentment. It’s the awful, “I have nothing to wear” moment. The worn-out wardrobe struggle is real and apparent to fashion lovers around the globe. And it’s often hard to fix, unless you’ve got a bottomless bank account and a personal stylist on-hand to offer a fresh perspective.

Because many of us have neither of those luxuries, we need to come up with new ways to make old outfits stand out. One quick trick to keeping outfits fresh and full of excitement is to invest in fun pieces that easily add flair.

It always helps to have a little inspiration when searching for new styles, so here are four fun separates to spice things up, even when you haven’t seen a mall in what feels like years.

For a weary wardrobe needing some resuscitation, try the following:

A Great Topper

Not only ideal for haywire hair days, a fashionably funky hat can do wonders for a dull outfit. Find a hat that fits your style and you can envision wearing with at least three looks. The key to a great hat is versatility with a hint of chicness; it’ll be the cherry on top to your otherwise plain ensemble. Take peek at these tips for rocking a hat.

A Colorful Coat

We’ve all heard that a pop of color is the cure to any basic get-up, but sometimes a “pop” should be much more of a bang than a blip. For colder days, throw on a vibrant coat that clashes in the most unexpected yet harmonious way. This site’s take on orange pants inspires all kinds of colorful ideas, all of which can be applied to a coat-friendly outfit.

Stylish Shoes

Choose to wear a trend on your feet, and you’ll be floating on fashionable air. Some women make the mistake of not paying enough attention to their footwear, and it’s this downfall that keeps ensembles from hitting the mark. Choosing “crazy” shoes are the perfect way to test the waters outside of your comfort zone while adding zing to any outfit.

Patterned Pants

When all else fails, you need to have the big guns waiting in the holster. In the case of fashion, a pair of patterned pants is the loud statement piece that can promptly bring a tired top back to life. These outfits are a great start if you need a little help with matchmaking.

lyst orange

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